PRoperty partners, inc.

Your Real Estate Property Solutions

Solving Real Estate Problems in Florida


We can solve your real estate problems anywhere in the country. 


  1. We work with ANYONE who has a Real Estate need.
  2. We work with Sellers, Buyers, Investors. Lenders, You!
  3. We are Interested in Houses in ANY condition!
  4. We will buy Short Sales, Foreclosures, Rehabs, etc.
  5. We will buy Vacant houses and make it a home.
  6. We buy houses with Environmental issues (mold).
  7. We buy houses with Structural issues.
  8. We Wholesale, Rehab and Flip Houses. 
  9. We have Real Estate Agents and Brokers.
  10. We work with local Title Agencies.
  11. We work with Real Estate Attorneys.
  12. We can negotiate Judgments, Liens on your property.
  13. We can help you with Credit Repair.
  14. We can even help with Relocation.